Service Level Agreement For Websites

Any customer who is not satisfied with the level of service in the context of a web support request should contact their account manager or omg`s executive team, who check your entries and respond to you with the measures taken. 8. Monitoring and availability WNW Digital monitors all aspects of the server through our external monitoring systems. Problems with server availability are reported to the support team during business hours or to the on-call technician outside of business hours and treated as a “critical issue”. All security issues that have been brought to our attention through upstream suppliers are transmitted to the customer and must be addressed by the customer, as recommended by WNW Digital. If the issue has not been resolved within 2 business days, the service may be limited or suspended. The following definitions are used to determine the priority of a service incident or requirement, unless the service provider and customer agree on an alternative definition: 7. Server file-level backups are created every morning after 1 a.m. If the fuse is interrupted (including, but not limited to, network interruptions) or if the fuse is damaged, the last recovery point is that of the last successful backup. Backup accounts are monitored by WNW Digital, if problems arise, they are treated as “critical issues”.

Database backups are created with MySQL-Dump and stored locally on the server. If the Root-MySQL password is changed, these backups fail. The backup call must be initiated by creating a ticket on WNW Digital and providing the following details. The host name of the server. The full path of the file or directory to restore. The date from which the fuse is to be recovered. A valid location to copy the backup. The purpose of this document is to establish a mutual agreement between the customer and the support team of Omaha Media Group LLC with respect to the web support services available. The document outlines the practices regarding web support that OMG will follow. These practices aim to provide a quality and reliable web experience for legitimate customers….