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When should you use “Affect”? Below are participatory and current forms to influence verbs, affection and love that can be used as adjectives in certain contexts. On this page you get the meaning of impact, definition and translation in Malayalam with similar words. With effect (immediate) /effect of definition: If you say that something with immediate effect or with the effect of a… | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and “effect” examples is usually a noun, which means a result, and “affect” usually a verb that means to act. English After Malayalam . 9. The spelling of each word is defined at the top of the article, it is treated, but in the figures variations are allowed when they present a current debate (z.B അടെപ്പു, അടപ്പു) or by the permanent use of a place or caste (അമൃതു, അമരേത്തു) or if, as in the case of the many Tadbhavams, it is caused by the inequalities of Sanskrit and the alphabet of Dravidian അത്തി അത്തം. (A complete list of errors that may slip into the print is assigned to the last part. അടരുക, ൎന്നു seen. ന്നു. Aarua (C.

to jump, T. dick te. to shine – √ അടു) To burst, crack, gut , അടർന്നൊരു കൊന്പു bhr. അടർന്നു വേരോടെ bhr. a tree. തോൽ അടർന്നു പോയി. കുമ്മായം അടർന്നു വീണു of a wall. പല്ല് അടർന്നു, പാത്രത്തിൻറെ വ ക്ക് അടർന്നു, etc. 4. The characteristics and meanings of southern Kerala or Travancore have been carefully collected both in Cottayam`s press productions and in the very valuable dictionaries compiled by the Portuguese and Italian missionaries of Virapoli; Works that, although completed in 1746, are based on materials accumulated in the 17th, perhaps even in the 16th century, and which rank as the oldest monument to the study of Indian languages by Europeans. (They are listed in the Vi. -V2 dictionary).

Even greater care has been given to the language of Northern Kerala or Malabar itself (with the Bekal Talook of Canara); and historical names, castes and dynasties (comp. അകത്തൂടു, അടിയോടി, അമ്മാമൻ, അല്ലൂർ, അവരോധം, അസ്ഥിക്കുറെച്ചി) and the institutions, customs and traditions that distinguish this province from the surrounding countries (see z.B അങ്കം, അടിമ, അനുഭവം, അപരാധം). Under [ 11 ] the sources of this type of information I would like to pass on in particular to the former Tellicherry Records (TR.) as a mass of teachings in the best prose of the language. അൎച്ചുനില്ക്ക TR. the verdict. പെണ്ണുപിള്ള ദോഷപ്പെടുന്നതു കോയ്മസ്ഥാനം അറിഞ്ഞാൽ അ`ക്കുന്നതു മർയ്യാദമല്ല TR.